Project Description

Project:   Beverly-Cleary School
Location: Portland, OR
Surface Area:
Year Completed: 2018
Value: $4,675,000
Architect: Oh Planning + Design

Seismic bracing of parapet walls and re-roof with SBS roofing materials and rigid insulation. Replace roof hatches. Replace skylight. Replace gutters and downspouts. Replace existing roof ladders and add new roof ladders. Raise parapets and perimeter walls of some roofs to accommodate new roof level. Raise window sills and replace adjacent windows at selected locations to accommodate new roof level. Install roof fall protection anchors to comply with OSHA Standards. Upgrade roof structure as required for installation of fall protection. Install new rooftop fans and vents with motorized dampers. Demolish, relocate, or install related HVAC and plumbing items within areas of work. Provide new roof drains and overflow drains. Improve existing unisex restrooms on the first and second floors for accessibility compliance including but not limited to compliant signage, clearances, grab bars, and fixtures. Provide new unisex restrooms in the basement and on the second floor. Install ADA compliant guardrail and handrail assemblies in priority interior locations and at exterior main entrance. Install ADA compliant assistive listening system, a portable lift to access the cafeteria platform and new ADA-compliant high-low drinking fountains in corridors. Provide sink, lavatory, and water closet in unisex restrooms. Repair all previously water damaged areas of the structure. Provide new fire sprinkler system throughout the building.