Oak Grove Elementary

Project Description

Project:   Oak Grove School
Location: Portland, OR
Surface Area:
Year Completed: 2018
Value: $2,855,000
Architect: BBL Architects

Renovation of existing Oak Grove Elementary School including Kitchen renovation, interior painting, replace carpet and base in (10) Classrooms, new door hardware, removal and replacement of existing roof and sheet metal over western most Classroom area.  Replace existing glazing with insulated glazing units with new window blinds at select Classrooms, and Administrative Offices. There will also be partial lighting upgrades in the hallways, new fire panel and detection equipment, ,new HVAC unit(s) and controls at select Classrooms.

Clark & Llewellyn Schools

Project Description

Project:   Clark & Llewellyn Schools
Location: Portland,OR
Surface Area: Clark – 50,260sf   Llewellyn – 30,242sf
Year Completed: 2015
Value: $2,600,000
Architect:Oh Planning + Design

The main scope of work on this project was a complete seismic upgrade. Clark Creative Science, existing approx. 50,260 s.f. building, consisting of: re-roof with SBS roofing materials and rigid insulation, replace soffit, fascia boards and climb barriers, raise weeps in existing brick cavity walls to accommodate new roof level, fill in existing roof access door and install new roof hatch, replace existing roof ladders and add new roof ladders, upgrade science classroom with new chemical resistant countertops, new electrical cord reels and new paint and finishes, demolish, relocate or install related electrical items within areas of work, and Hazmat remediation.  Llewellyn Elementary School, existing approx. 30,242 s.f. building, consisting of: demolish existing finishes as required for structural work, install or patch finishes to match existing, demolish, relocate or install related electrical items within areas of work, install seismic bracing walls at selected hollow clay tile wall locations, demolish, relocate, or install related HVAC and plumbing items within areas of work.

Buckman & Sabin Schools

Project Description

Project:   Buckman & Sabin Schools
Location: Portland, OR
Surface Area: sf
Year Completed: 2015
Value: $3,300,000
Architect: Oh Planning + Design

Re-roof and structural upgrades.  Hazardous abatement and mechanical improvements.

Ezra Meeker Elementary School

Project Description

Project:   Ezra Meeker Elementary School
Location: Puyallup, WA
Surface Area:
Year Completed: 2006
Value: $5,400,000
Architect: BLRB Architects

This project featured eight individual phases of school renovations coinciding with a complete addition to the school. Corp Inc. Construction worked closely with the School Staff and Management Team to coordinate move-out dates for the classrooms scheduled in each phase of the renovation. All phases of renovation were completed on schedule. Construction included extensive cabinetry upgrades and corridor improvements, the addition of gymnasium and complete hard wood stage with lighting and drapery systems and extensive mechanical upgrades including new boilers and complete hydronics upgrade. In addition, Corp Inc. Construction featured “Builder Bob” days for the students to promote school safety during construction and further students’ understanding of the construction industry.

Clark College Stout Hall

Project Description

Project:   Clark College Stout Hall
Location: Vancouver, WA
Surface Area:
Year Completed: 2006
Value: $3,700,000
Architect: LSW Architects

This project began with the demolition of the existing Stout Hall structure which housed classrooms, study areas and concessions. The new unique curved structure ties to existing buildings on two sides and is the anchor of the southeast corner of the main campus. The multi-level steel framed structure features 10 smart classrooms, 20 faculty offices, a student lounge and a food vending area. Extensive underground work was necessary to house piping for site utilities, electric power and storm drainage.

Camas High School

Project Description

Project:   Camas High School
Location: Camas, WA
Surface Area: 25,000sf
Year Completed: 2011
Value: $6,600,000
Architect: Dull Olson Weeks Arch PC

The Camas High School project consisted of renovations and an addition of approximately 25,000 square feet that increased the school’s capacity by 350 students. The project included a new student commons, training classroom, wrestling and dance rooms and classroom wing, which adds the equivalent of 11 classrooms. The library was also expanded and the physical education areas renovated. Additionally, the front entrance of the school was renovated to help improve security.

Marysville K-8 Rebuild

Project Description

Project:   Marysville K-8 Rebuild
Location: Portland, OR
Surface Area: 124,768sf
Year Completed: 2012
Value: $4,100,000
Architect: DLR Group

Restoration of an existing 53,490 square foot, single story, wood frame structure, rebuild of burned gymnasium, classroom upgrade to science lab, conversion of unburned gymnasium to media center, creation of new tech lab/classroom and reconfiguration of existing admin area.

Walla Walla Community College William A. Grant Water & Environmental Center Expansion

Project Description

Project:   Walla Walla C.C. William A. Grant Water & Environmental Center Expansion
Location: Walla Walla, WA
Surface Area: 15,000sf
Year Completed: 2011
Value: $4,400,000
Architect: ALSC Architects

This project consisted of a single story Academic Building addition to the existing Water Center Building. The addition is approximately 14,600 square feet. It is a slab on grade wood framed structure that is adjacent to and connecting to the existing building, and designed to complement the current structure. The project obtained LEED Gold certification.

Hockinson High School Improvements

Project Description

Project:   Hockinson High School Improvements
Location: Brush Prairie, WA
Surface Area:
Year Completed: January 2017
Value: $8,200,00
Architect: BergerABAM

Work includes paving and parking lots, wrestling pavilion and restroom construction, maintenance building construction, band room addition, tennis courts, baseball, softball and soccer field construction, bleacher lighting, miscellaneous grading and landscaping, and mechanical and electrical work in support of these items.

West Linn High School 700 Building Remodel & Addition

Project Description

Project:  West Linn High School 700 Building Remodel & Addition
Location: West Linn, OR
Surface Area: 12,158sf
Year Completed: 2017
Value: $2,800,000
Architect: Dull Olson Weekes Architect PC

Modification of the “700” Building including an 12,158sf interior remodel, addition of one new classroom and eliminate exterior restroom and concession. Fiber cement panel system, aluminum storefront windows, thermoplastic membrane roofing, steel decking, interior finishes, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, sitework, utilities, planting and irrigation.